Ranthambore Royalty – The Bandit Queens & Other Animals

Seeing tigers in the wild has been on my bucket list for quite a while. Those of you who know me would also know that my bucket list is a long one – it’s practically a well. Where better for tigers than the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan…just the way ‘Royal Bengal tigers of Ranthambore in Rajasthan’ rolled off the tongue sold it for me. Continue reading Ranthambore Royalty – The Bandit Queens & Other Animals

Georgia (I) – A Piece of Paradise (Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Kazbegi)

After our wonderful few days in Armenia, we were raring to go for Part 2 of our Caucasus adventure. There were various random thoughts swirling around in my head as we crossed the border into Georgia – was it going to be very different from Armenia, would our guide be as good as the lovely Katar, would the portions sizes be as humongous… Continue reading Georgia (I) – A Piece of Paradise (Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Kazbegi)

Armenia (I) – History in 3D (Yerevan)

Armenia wasn’t on my bucket list. However, it turned out to be well worthy of being high on anyone’s to-go list.
It was a history lesson in 3D…the first Christian country in the world (since 301AD), a victim of one of the largest pogroms in history, its borders redrawn countless times, its people and culture a peaceful east-west blend. Continue reading Armenia (I) – History in 3D (Yerevan)

Beijing in Lieu of Mongolia (2016)

Since I sadly couldn’t go to Mongolia (too remote), I decided to meet my Mongolia-returning friend in Beijing. We both hadn’t been, so thought it might be fun. After booking the flight and hotel, I realised it was the National Holiday week in China – and every website I looked at (after making the bookings) said ‘avoid travelling to China from 1 – 7 October. It was too late to change our dates so we braced ourselves for the crowds, and loads of ‘atmosphere’. Continue reading Beijing in Lieu of Mongolia (2016)