Georgia (VI) – Home Again, Home Again

Tbilisi – Singapore /  Sunday 8th April 2018

Our last day in Georgia – and our first day with nothing planned. It was Easter in Georgia and the streets were quiet. We decided on a lazy day. After a late breakfast, we finished our packing and checked out the spa. The masseuse was having a bad case of the sniffles – turns out she’s allergic to the oils and stuff they use. Job fit issues!

It was a day of chatting over the last bits of the Armenian brandy and churchkhela, before it was time to check out and head to the airport. Goodbyes were said to the lovely Nino and the sweet Gogita. I felt a bit bad that they had to come out on Easter Sunday, but they assured us they’d be back in plenty of time for dinner with the family.

Our flight was via Baku in Azerbaijan – now that’s another place to visit. The Baku airport is ultra modern and I hear that Baku too is becoming quite ‘steel and glass’.

And so, another adventure ends. For two places that weren’t on my bucket list, what a fabulous trip this has been. This whole region has now moved up quite significantly on the bucket list…Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, the ‘-stans’ (maybe not Afghanistan – though that has so much history too) many places, so little time…

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 12.36.12 AM

For more images from Georgia and Armenia, please visit my photography website.

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