Armenia (I) – History in 3D (Yerevan)

Armenia wasn’t on my bucket list. However, it turned out to be well worthy of being high on anyone’s to-go list.
It was a history lesson in 3D…the first Christian country in the world (since 301AD), a victim of one of the largest pogroms in history, its borders redrawn countless times, its people and culture a peaceful east-west blend. Continue reading Armenia (I) – History in 3D (Yerevan)

Beijing in Lieu of Mongolia (2016)

Since I sadly couldn’t go to Mongolia (too remote), I decided to meet my Mongolia-returning friend in Beijing. We both hadn’t been, so thought it might be fun. After booking the flight and hotel, I realised it was the National Holiday week in China – and every website I looked at (after making the bookings) said ‘avoid travelling to China from 1 – 7 October. It was too late to change our dates so we braced ourselves for the crowds, and loads of ‘atmosphere’. Continue reading Beijing in Lieu of Mongolia (2016)

A Salubrious Summer Sojourn – with a Touch of Brexit (2016)

This was a trip I knew I’d be making since 2013 when V started university in Brighton. A health nightmare last December, sent a few ‘doubts’ my way. The high point of recovery was being given the all clear to travel (“though not to remote places”…so there went the Mongolia plans). I figured that UK was ‘safe’ enough…though some might argue otherwise… Continue reading A Salubrious Summer Sojourn – with a Touch of Brexit (2016)