Georgia (I) – A Piece of Paradise (Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Kazbegi)

After our wonderful few days in Armenia, we were raring to go for Part 2 of our Caucasus adventure. There were various random thoughts swirling around in my head as we crossed the border into Georgia – was it going to be very different from Armenia, would our guide be as good as the lovely Katar, would the portions sizes be as humongous… Continue reading Georgia (I) – A Piece of Paradise (Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Kazbegi)

Armenia (I) – History in 3D (Yerevan)

Armenia wasn’t on my bucket list. However, it turned out to be well worthy of being high on anyone’s to-go list.
It was a history lesson in 3D…the first Christian country in the world (since 301AD), a victim of one of the largest pogroms in history, its borders redrawn countless times, its people and culture a peaceful east-west blend. Continue reading Armenia (I) – History in 3D (Yerevan)